Rights and Responsibilities

As part of your tenancy, you have to sign a legal tenancy agreement which fully outlines your rights and responsibilities.  Most of our tenants have a Scottish secure tenancy agreement.  The legal provisions contained in this agreement were created by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and amended by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.  You can view sample tenancy agreements on our forms page.

Your rights include:

Your responsibilities include:

  • paying your rent on time
  • use of the property as your main home
  • telling us if you have a change in circumstances, or the people living in your house changes
  • you, those living with you and your visitors must not harass or act antisocially
  • you must give us access to carry out any repairs or required annual checks where we give you 24 hours notice

We have a set of standards which we keep to, to provide you with a clean and safe property.  Read more about our letting standard (PDF).

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