Council House Repairs

You can report a repair to your council property using our online form. This is most suitable for ordinary repairs, however if you have a problem which requires urgent or emergency repair, you should report this immediately.

Note: The online form is currently being enhanced to add additional categories. We hope to have these available shortly.

An emergency repair is one which is a danger to health, a risk to safety or damage to your property, serious damage to the building or is a risk to security. For example:

  • loss of electric power
  • loss or part loss of gas supply
  • blocked or leaking foul drains
  • significant leaks or flooding from water or heating pipes, tanks and cisterns
  • unsafe power, lighting socket or electrical fitting

Emergency repairs during office hours (Monday—Friday between 8.45am and 5pm) should be reported to the housing team by calling 0300 123 4566.

Out-of-hours emergencies (weekends and between 5pm and 8.45am) should be reported by calling 03457 565656.

We will respond to emergency repair calls within four hours.

Other emergency numbers that you may need are below:

National gas emergencies call 0800 111 999

Scottish Water call 0800 0778 778

Electricity supply call 105

Timescale for Repairs

Emergency repair: within four hours         Urgent: within next working day
Priority: within five working days               Ordinary: within 20 working days

Certain repairs are our responsibility, and others are your responsibility.  We will tell you when we you contact us if the repair is our responsibility or not.

We will: keep your house wind and watertight, keep in good repair the structure and any installations within your house - sanitation and supplying gas and electricity.
You should: report repairs as soon as possible, report to us and the police any vandalism to your property, and take care of your house, including carrying out minor repairs and decorating the inside.

You can read more information on who is responsible for repairs to your home.  You can also find out more about insuring the contents of your home through our tenant insurance scheme.

Read about the cost of repairs.

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