Cost of Repairs

There are occasions when you may be charged for a repair. We call these rechargeable repairs, and these include repairs which:

  • are your responsibility
  • are needed to repair damage to the property caused by deliberate damage, neglect misuse or abuse by you,  your family or visitors to your property
  • are needed when you move out of the house, to being it up to an acceptable standard, which is your responsibility

We will tell you when you book the repair whether you will be charged, and give you an estimate of the cost. You will have the option to carry out the work by yourself if you would rather. For more information about rechargeable repairs, read our policy.

Moving House

When you tell us that you are leaving your current home, we will inspect the property to look for any damage. If we find any damage, or that you have made changes to the property without our permission, we will ask you to restore or make good the items before you leave.

After you leave your home, we will carry out another inspection. If you have not done the repairs, or the work is below standard, we will tell you and arrange to carry out the work ourselves - but we will charge the cost to you.

Paying for Repairs

When a repair is complete, we will send a bill. On the back of this bill are options on how and where to pay. If you do not pay your bill, we can take action against you.

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