Who is responsible for repairs

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure of the property you live in.

We will:

  • Keep your house wind and water tight;
  • repair the structure and outside of your house;
  • keep any installation in you house that we have provided in good repair, and in proper working order. This includes:
    • gas and electricity supply;
    • sanitation;
    • hot water and heating;
    • fireplaces, flues and chimneys.
  • Inspect any gas installation we have provided on an annual basis and give you a copy of the safety certificate within 28 days of the inspection.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • take care of your house, including carrying out minor repairs and decorating the inside;
  • report repairs as soon as possible;
  • Tell us if the time of the appointment for a repair is not suitable so we can re-arrange it for a time that is more convenient;
  • Be at home at the time of your agreed appointment to provide access;
  • Report to us and the Police any vandalism to your house. Remember to get a crime reference number.

Which repairs am I responsible for?

We are not responsible for repairing damage caused by you, anyone living with you or an invited visitor to your home. If we have to rectify any damage, you must pay us for the cost of the repair.

This does not apply to damage caused by fair wear and tear or vandals (as long as you have reported the damage to the Police and us at the time is was discovered).

A list of other repairs you are responsible for can be found in document 1 of our Response Repairs Policy.(PDF)

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