Maintaining Council Housing

We take the maintenance of our housing stock very seriously, and invest millions of pounds every year into making sure our houses  provide good quality, energy efficient homes.We do this through our void letting standard, by ensuring that homes continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and by improving the energy efficiency in order to meet the new Energy Efficiency Standard for Social housing (EESSH). During 2017-18 we will spend over £7.9 million on the upkeep and improvement of our houses. This will include expenditure under our major Cyclical and Planned Maintenance programmes.

Cyclical Maintenance

This budget is mainly spent on the servicing of the council’s gas, coal, oil and air-source heat pump installations, and a regular six-yearly programme of pre-paintwork repairs and external paintwork to houses.

Cyclical Maintenance 2017/18 Budget (£)
Gas Servicing 0.743m
Solid Fuel Servicing 0.035m
Air Source Heat Pump Servicing 0.059m
Smoke Detector Servicing 0.077m
Inspections and House Surveys 0.020m
Pre-Paintwork Repairs and External Paintwork 0.312m
Other Servicing 0.085m
Total 1.331m

Planned Maintenance

This budget covers capital improvements and planned maintenance of our housing stock. The table below shows our planned maintenance for 2017/18.

Planned Maintenance/Capital Improvements Revenue Budget 2017/18 (£) Capital Budget 2017/18 (£)
Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements - 1.683m
Window and  Door Replacements - 0.765m
Plumbing Upgrades 0.204m -
Electrical Upgrades 0.102m -
Common Stair Upgrades 0.051m -
Rain Water Goods 0.204m -
Safety and Security 0.077m -
Insulation 0.102m -
Roof and Fabric Repairs 0.918m -
Estates Upgrades 0.250m -
Shower Installation Programme 0.051m -
Garage Upgrades 0.050m -
Central Heating Upgrades - 1.326m
Miscellaneous 0.150m -
Disabled Adaptations - 0.408m
Sheltered Housing Upgrades 0.025m -
Asbestos 0.208m -
TOTAL 2.392m 4.182m

We need to make sure that all our homes continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).  This is achieved by homes being compliant with the tolerable standard, be free from serious disrepair, be energy efficient, have modern facilities and services and be healthy, safe and secure.

We must meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) by December 2020.  We have prepared a strategy to enable our stock to meet the requirements of this new standard and have revised our budgets to provide funding for increased energy efficiency and other related improvements.

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