Heating Replacement Programme

Our policy is:

  • to replace older style ‘back-boiler’ gas systems with modern gas-fired condensing boilers.
  • to replace older style off-peak heating systems with modern storage or panel heater systems, air source heating or gas-fired condensing boilers, in order to improve efficiency and reduce tenants’ fuel bills
  • to replace coal fired systems over 10 years old with more efficient enclosed room-heaters, air source heating or gas-fired condensing boilers

We will continue with the recommended replacement cycles above and in addition will replace older less efficient systems to ensure that we meet the new Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) by 2020. You can see where heating systems will be upgraded in 2018/19 (PDF).  Please note that some streets listed here may only have a small number of houses having new systems fitted this year. This can be due to the sporadic nature of previous heating upgrading contracts, the number of remaining Council owned dwellings in the location or previous tenant choices.

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