Decoration allowances, services and compensation

Decoration Allowances

What quantity of decoration pack will I be entitled to?

If you are eligible for a decoration allowance, it will be based on the number and size of the rooms in your home that need decorated.  As an example a:

  • one bed property will receive 25 litres coloured paint and 12.5 litres white paint.  
  • two bed property will receive 35 litres coloured paint and 17.5 litres white paint
  • three bed property will receive 40 litres coloured paint and 22.5 litres white paint

To be eligible, a room should show extensive damage such as partially stripped walls, badly torn wallpaper, or poorly painted walls.  You will not receive an allowance where a property has been subject to neglect or damage, or if the decoration is not your personal taste.

Will my decoration allowance cover the cost of decorating my entire home?
The decoration pack, and any compensation payments, are only intended as a contribution towards the cost of decorating materials. They may not cover the full costs involved.

How will I receive my decoration allowance?

Once you sign up for your new tenancy, you will be sent a letter, voucher and brochure from Johnstone's Decorating Centre in Inverness who will provide you with high-quality decoration materials.

The brochure includes handy decorating tips but will also tell you how to:

  • choose your paint colours and materials from the colour charts inside;
  • place your order and arrange collection or delivery - Johnstone's offer a free delivery service twice a week.  If you want to collect your order in person, it is important that you contact Johnstone's to arrange this first, as it can take some time to prepare your order;
  • find the store and contact Johnstone's directly.

What if I want to buy extra items beyond my voucher allowance?

Johnstone’s Decorating Centre offer a discount on extra purchases.  If you want to buy extra items over and above your voucher allowance, take your letter and voucher to the store with you.

How long will my voucher last?
Vouchers are valid for 6 months.  If you need more time to use your voucher in special circumstances such as a family bereavement or illness please speak to your Area Housing Manager.  They can be contacted by telephone on 0300 1234 566.  You must use your vouchers at Johnstone’s Decorating Centre and they can’t be changed for cash or other products.

Decoration Services

What if I am not able to decorate my home myself?
If you are not able to carry out decoration work because you have a particular need, age or vulnerability which makes it difficult, you should ask your Area Housing Officer about the decoration service.  If you are eligible, they can help by asking for the property to be decorated for you.  This may mean sharing of information with other professionals such as social work or NHS staff, and allowing access to your property so we can carry out the decoration works.  

To qualify for the service you must have difficulty carrying out the work yourself due to the particular needs mentioned, and be in receipt of certain benefits such as DLA, PIP, ADP or ESA.  You may also be in receipt of other benefits paid to people with physical impairments, and may be required to show your award letter or payment book to verify receipt of the benefit.  You may have special, social or medical reasons to have the work carried out by us and Moray Council will use its discretion to establish eligibility based on individual circumstances.

There should also be no adult member of the household or other family member who could reasonably be expected to carry out the work on your behalf.

Compensation Payments

When would I be entitled to a compensation payment?
Compensation payments can be made following a kitchen or heating upgrade.  

After a kitchen upgrade, we will arrange to have the kitchen painted and issue compensation to you towards the cost of replacing or repairing your flooring.  The compensation cost for the year of 2023 - 2024 is £100.

Alter a heating upgrade, you will be given a compensation payment towards the cost of remedial or decoration work that you need to do. The compensation cost for the year of 2023 - 2024 is £200.

These compensation payments will be paid directly into tenants’ bank accounts.

Read the full Decoration Allowance Policy for more information or contact us at

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