Council Tenants - Permissions

As part of your tenancy agreement, you must ask our permission before carrying out any alterations or improvements, or before doing certain activities. You must make your request in writing, and you will receive a written response within 28 days.

Examples of the types of activity you would need permission for include:

  • making alterations or improvements to your home
  • subletting, taking in a lodger or swapping houses with another tenant
  • running a business from your home
  • keeping certain types of pets
  • putting up TV aerials
  • putting up a garage, shed, greenhouse or cold frame
  • putting up a fence or a wall

Apply for permission

We will not refuse any request unreasonably, and we may give you permission on certain conditions. If you are refused permission, you can appeal and you will be given instructions on how to do this on your decision letter.

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