Tenant Participation

As a Council tenant, you have a say about the services we deliver.  Tenant participation is about you influencing decisions about housing policies, conditions and related services.  You can read more about this in our Tenant Participation Strategy or our Tenant Participation Leaflet.

Here are some of the ways that you can get involved.  Please contact us for more information:

Communities Committee: Up to three tenant representatives can sit alongside Councillors on our Communities Committee.  

Consultations: We can add you to our list of interested tenants and let you know when there are consultations or reviews taking place which are relevant to you.  We add details of consultations taking place to our policies web page.

Estate walkabouts: You can attend joint inspections of the local area, with Councillors and housing staff.  The walkabouts take place annually and help us to identify issues and find solutions to address them.  We have an annual budget of £100,000 to help us address the issues identified.

Housing Best Value Group: Up to three tenant representatives can take part in meetings with housing managers to review and challenge our performance.  

Partnership working: We are members of the Moray Tenants Partnership (MTP) and North East Tenants Residents and Landlords Together (NETRALT).  Tenants and their landlords can join these groups to share ideas, good practice and resources.

Satisfaction surveys: We conduct regular surveys of our service, and a larger review every three years.

Social media: Our Facebook group keeps tenants (and members of their household) updated on housing issues and is used for consultations and gathering feedback.  

Tenant events: We sometimes hold events for our tenants to find out about our services.  We also take tenants to events outside of Moray.

Tenant groups:  

  • We have one Registered Tenant Organisation (view our RTO Register), the Moray Tenants Forum, which became operational in 2014/15.  This is a Moray-wide group that represents tenants' views and we consult them on housing issues.  
  • The Buckpool New Build Tenant Group were formed in November 2017 and aim to address estate based issues.  

Tenant scrutiny: You can join our Service Improvement Panel (SIP).  The SIP may decide to interview staff, carry out a survey of tenants, visit empty properties or do some mystery shopping to help them assess our service and make recommendations on how to improve our services.  No experience is necessary and we can offer training and support to tenants who are interested.

Other ways to have your say

Regional Networks: The Regional Networks were set up to help tenants engage with the Scottish Government on issues of national policy.  

The National Panel: You could join the Regulator's national panel which is for anyone who uses social landlords' services.  They will send occasional surveys, information updates and invites to take part in other feedback exercises.  

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