Estate Management

We want to make sure that our residents live in well-maintained neighbourhoods where they feel safe. We carry out estate management improvements to make sure that we do our best to achieve this.

There are lots of estate management activities that fall under the heading of estate improvements:

• common area maintenance;
• close cleaning;
• grounds maintenance;
• litter waste collection;
• removal of abandoned cars;
• removal of graffiti;
• management of garage, sheds and other estate buildings;
• dog mess;
• stray animals;
• infestations;
• general aesthetics and
• health and safety issues
• Estate Walkabouts

To find out more information on these activities please read our Estate Management policy.

One of the ways we monitor the condition of our estates is to undertake regular estate walkabouts. These are events that take place twice a year, which encourage customers to take a closer look at their own neighbourhoods and identify areas for improvements.

We have an estate upgrade budget contained within our annual housing investment programme. This is structured to allow tenants, staff and Elected Members to influence the type of estate upgrades that are funded from the budget. This is how the budget is broken down.

• the Tenant’s Forum receives £50,000 for their identified projects,
• each area housing team gets £25,000 for theirs; and
• the remaining budget is used by our Capital Programmes Team who also identify their own estate upgrade programmes.

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