Estate Management

We want to make sure that our residents live in well-maintained neighbourhoods where they feel safe. We carry out estate management improvements to make sure that we do our best to achieve this.

There are lots of estate management activities that fall under the heading of estate improvements:

• common area maintenance;
• close cleaning;
• grounds maintenance;
• litter waste collection;
• removal of abandoned cars;
• removal of graffiti;
• management of garage, sheds and other estate buildings;
• dog mess;
• stray animals;
• infestations;
• general aesthetics and
• health and safety issues
• Estate Walkabouts

To find out more information on these activities please read our Estate Management policy. Please note that we are currently reviewing this policy.

In early 2017 we consulted with our tenants on how we could improve how me manage our estate upgrading budget. We want to make sure tenants and elected members have more say on how the budget is used. In March 2017 the Communities Committee agreed to the following:

  • combining the tenant forum and area housing team budgets into a single estates improvement budget of £100k per year;
  • looking at how we carry out estate improvements in estates where there were a mix of both Council and private dwellings;
  • elected members, tenants and officer working closely together to decide what projects should be prioritised; and
  • looking at improvements to the way the works are planned, co-ordinated and supervised.

Annual estate audits will be carried out by our Housing Projects Officers.  The results of these audits will be used to create a list of potential improvements which will be discussed during the annual estate walkabouts.

Estate walkabouts are the main way people can be involved in the estate improvement process.  They are an opportunity for elected members, tenants, homeowners and officers to discuss the list of potential works, as well as highlighting any other possible projects.  If you would like to take part in a future estate walkabout please phone 0300 123 4566 or email

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