December FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-12-2023 Language Teachers HR
  Sick Leave and Early Retirements HR
04-12-2023 Construction of Council Bollards Environmental and Commercial
  Bridge Condition Environmental and Commercial
  Older Person's Care Health and Social Care Moray
  Local Authority Artwork Multiple
  Care Experienced People in Moray Social Work
05-12-2023 Computer System HR and ICT
  Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property
06-12-2023 Funding Gap Finance
  Gender Neutral Toilets in Schools Education
  Disabled Facilities Grants Finance
  Equipment Hire Cost Environmental and Commercial
07-12-2023 Moray Council Home Waiting Lists Housing and Property
  Social Value Finance
  Heat Pumps Council Buildings Housing and Property
08-12-2023 NA Funerals since October Economic Growth & Development
  Moray Affordable Housing Investment Programme Multiple
  Flood Damage Environmental and Commercial
  Children's Homes Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  EV Charger at Tomintoul Environmental and Commercial
  Data Centre HR/ICT
09-12-2023 Pothole Spending and JCB PotholePro Environmental and Commercial
10-12-2023 Financial Gap and Spending Finance
11-12-2023 Childcare Survey 2023 Education
12-12-2023 Vandalism in Council Buildings and Property Housing and Property
  Adult Care Budget Adult Social Care
  Council Data Request Multiple
  Private Taxi Licences Governance, Strategy and Performance
13-12-2023 Tomnavoulin Village Green Environmental and Commercial
  Illegal Sale of Vaping Products to Under-18s Economic Growth & Development
  Children Housed Outside of Residential Placements Social Work
  Children in Foster Care Social Work
  Preparations for Labour Private School VAT Education
  Additional Support Needs Education Funding Education
  Audit Committee Annual/External Reviews Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Independence of Audit and/or Scrutiny Committee Chairs Governance, Strategy and Performance
14-12-2023 Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act Economic Growth & Development
  Allocation of Social Housing Housing and Property
  SEND Home to School Transport Environmental and Commercial
  Dog Wardens in Scotland Multiple
  Property Guardianships Housing and Property
  Attacks in Schools Education
  Landlord Forums Economic Growth and Development
  WhatsApp Policy/Procedure HR
  Hanover Housing Association Multiple
15-12-2023 Review of 101003420122  Closure of St Giles Centre Car Park Environmental and Commercial
  Bulky Waste Items Environmental and Commercial
  Staff Contacts Multiple
18-12-2023 Asbestos Works - Elgin High School Housing and Property
  Marks out of Tenancy Ltd. Economic Growth and Development
  Permanent School Closures Information Education
19-12-2023 Categories of Documents Merson Park Records Environmental and Commercial
  Member Enquiries by Councillors 2022/2023 Multiple
20-12-2023 Free School Meals Expansion Multiple
  Teachers Hired within Moray 2019-2023 HR
21-12-2023 Translation, Interpretation and Language Service Costs Finance
  Rent Algorithms Housing and Property
22-12-2023 Parking Fines Environmental and Commercial
  Better Care Fund Multiple
  NA Funerals since 22.10.23 Economic Growth and Development
24-12-2023 Compulsory Purchase Orders Economic Growth and Development
28-12-2023 Education Funding Education
29-12-2023 School Crossing Patrollers HR

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