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February 2019 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-02-2019 School Crossing Patrollers Environmental Services
  Early Years Childcare Education and Social Care
  Children Taken Into Care at Birth Education and Social Care
  COSSH Report Environmental Services
  Council Tax Credit Accounts Corporate Services
  Evictions Following Death of Secure Tenant Environmental Services
  FitLife Membership Education and Social Care
04-02-2019 Premises Licensed to Sell Fireworks Corporate Services
  B9008 Surface Dressing Environmental Services
  High Hedges Environmental Services
  Sale of Council Property Environmental Services
  Capital Receipts Corporate Services
  Pupils with Dysgraphia Education and Social Care
05-02-2019 Housing Waiting List Environmental Services
  Bus or Welfare Vehicle Incidents Environmental Services
  Mobile Contracts Corporate Services
  Consultants or Specialists Reports Commissioned Multiple Services
  Employee Absences Corporate Services
06-02-2019 Noise Nuisance Complaints Environmental Services
  Planning Enforcement Notices Environmental Services
  Site Licence for Riverview Country Park Corporate Services
  Prosecutions Over School Absences Education and Social Care
  Spending on Consultants Multiple Services
  Potholes January 2019 Environmental Services
07-02-2019 Vehicles by Fuel Type Environmental Services
  Contract Number 18/0033 and 18/0034 Corporate Services
  Fraud Response Plans Multiple Services
  Domestic Abuse & Child Protection Education and Social Care
  Commercial Waste Collection Service Environmental Services
08-02-2019 Stockpiles Corporate Services
  COSLA Brexit Correspondence Corporate Services
  Keith and Lossiemouth Swimming Pools Education and Social Care
  Foster Care Education and Social Care
  Electric Vehicle Charging Point Costs Environmental Services
  Veterans Officer Details Corporate Services
  Roads Maintenance Instruction Environmental Services
  Waste and Recycling Environmental Services
  Waste Contracts Environmental Services
  Employee and Volunteer Numbers by Age Multiple Services
11-02-2019 Upkeep of Plants Environmental Services
  Teaching Posts Education and Social Care
  Sports and Leisure Facilities Education and Social Care
  Community Halls Education and Social Care
  Care Leavers and Council Tax Discretionary Reductions Corporate Services
  Changing Rooms Education and Social Care
  Documentation for Care Leavers Education and Social Care
12-02-2019 A95 at Craigellachie Environmental Services
  Landfill Diversion & End Destinations Environmental Services
  Textile Banks Environmental Services
  Build to Rent Environmental Services
  Healthcare Environmental Services Ltd. Corporate Services
  School Libraries Education and Social Care
  Moycroft Transfer Station Environmental Services
  Pay Scale G13 Corporate Services
13-02-2019 Stadium Safety Environmental Services
  Connectivity Projects Corporate Services
  Unisex Toilet Facilities Multiple Services
  Council Worker Strikes Corporate Services
14-02-2019 Current Housing & Asset Management Software Corporate Services
  Elective Home Education Education and Social Care
  LOBO Loan Borrowing, Restructuring or Refinancing Corporate Services
  Fines for Parking in Disabled Bays Environmental Services
15-02-2019 Electrical Safety Environmental Services
  Changing Student Status and Unpaid Council Tax Corporate Services
  Disposable Nappies Multiple Services
18-02-2019 Pay and Display Tickets Environmental Services
  Unpaid Harbour Dues Environmental Services
  Moray Leisure Centre Education and Social Care
  Primary School Exclusions Education and Social Care
  Allocation of Discretionary Nursery Funding Education and Social Care
19-02-2019 Waste and Recycling Services Safety Environmental Services
  Mosstodloch Primary Education and Social Care
20-02-2019 Council Employee Salaries Corporate Services
  Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services Corporate Services
  Private Courier Companies Corporate Services
  Pornography Related Incidents in Schools Education and Social Care
  Height Restriction Data Environmental Services
  Review of Looked After Children Out of Area Education and Social Care
21-02-2019 School Meal Costs Environmental Services
  Purchase of Assessments Education and Social Care
22-02-2019 Education Education and Social Care
  Technology Enabled Care Solutions Education and Social Care
25-02-2019 Work-Related Stress Among Educational Psychologists Education and Social Care
  Allegations Against Teachers Education and Social Care
  Looked After Children with a Learning Disability on Short Break Care Education and Social Care
26-02-2019 Strategic Transport Model Tender Corporate Services
  Safeguarders Fee Corporate Services
  Abandoned Cars Environmental Services
  5G Strategy Environmental Services
  5G Strategy (Part 2) Environmental Services
27-02-2019 Statue Damage Environmental Services
  Homeopathy Education and Social Care
  10 -20% BMV Property & HMO Enquiry Environmental Services
28-02-2019 LGBT History Month 2019 Corporate Services
  Nationals Studied in S4 Education and Social Care
  Vacant Dwellings Environmental Services

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