Housing Service Aims

Our aims

We aim:

  • to provide good, value for money, services to our tenants and those on our housing list; and
  • to assist any person who may be at risk of homelessness or homeless.

Strategic role

We have a strategic role in planning for, and trying to provide, sustainable communities, and to meet the needs for housing and support services in Moray. 

Strategic functions include:

  • developing a local housing strategy to inform the future development of all housing within Moray;
  • preventing and alleviating homelessness;
  • administering improvement and repair grants; and
  • developing a fuel poverty strategy; and
  • working with other stakeholders who provide housing services for all residents in Moray.

While we are the largest landlord in Moray and have major responsibilities as a housing provider, our role as a strategic planner and enabler is much wider.

We own over 6000 houses in Moray and continually strive to improve the quality of our stock, the range of housing options available, the quality of services available to tenants and levels of tenant involvement.

Services we provide

We provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of housing, including:

Information in other formats

We can arrange for information in another format, such as large print or Braille.  We can also arrange for information to be translated into another language.  For more information contact us or visit our equalities page.

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