A protocol for dealing with unauthorised travellers’ encampments in Moray is in place.  This was developed following extensive consultation with other agencies and with representatives of the Gypsies/Travellers community. 

For details of this see Protocol and Guidelines for the response to unauthorised camping in Moray.  The protocol was designed to be clear and more robust than its predecessor.

The rules ask Gypsies/Travellers to recognise that they have the same duty to behave responsibly as members of the settled community.  

They will also be expected not to overcrowd any site they occupy, look after the site, respect local residents, keep pets under control, refrain from fly-tipping and use the portable toilets that are provided.  View Gypsies/Travellers Information Leaflet for further information.

Any breach could result in the Council taking enforcement action, including eviction.  Details of the Moray Council’s Code of Conduct can be accessed here A5 Code of Conduct leaflet.

More information on travelling communities in Scotland can be found on the STEP website.  Its remit is to develop and support inclusive educational approaches for Gypsies/Travellers.

For further details please contact the Council’s Unauthorised Encampments Officer on 0300 1234 566.

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