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Taxi Fare Review 2019

Moray Council, as Licensing Authority, is currently undergoing a Taxi Fare Review 2019/20.  The Committee are proposing to keep the current taxi fares the same with the exception of the soiling charge shown at 2(g) of the current fare card and the hiring charge for pre-booked taxis  shown at 2 (f) of the current fare card.

The Committee would like to hear your views on:

  1. whether the current soiling charge should be increased or remain the same; and
  2. whether the charge for pre-booking a taxi is utilised by the trade, and if not whether it should be removed from the current fare card?

All views received will be considered by the Licensing Committee at its meeting on 11 September 2019.

How to Respond

If you have any views then please submit these by emailing by 26 August 2019.

After the Committee meeting, we will be in touch with Taxi Operators to let them know of the Committee’s decision and to confirm when the new fare card will be effective.

The 2019 Taxi Fare completed on September 11th 2019 - the New Fare Card is available HERE

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