Current Applications and Public Register

You can use our Licensing online facility to:

  • View a list of current licence applications
  • Track a licence by licence type, ward, town, applicant name etc
  • View any comment on a current application
  • Make a comment on a current application
  • View final decisions on licence applications
  • View our Public Registers

How to use

Anyone can view current applications, but if you register an account, you can track licences and make comments.

NOTE: if you wish to make comments (including an objection) in respect of any licence application (apart from liquor, gambling and  HMOs)  Then you must also submit your comments in writing, signed with a full name and address.  

All responses will be made public.

Additional Information:

There are strict timescales for responses please note: any responses received that do not meet this criteria will not be considered

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