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Forms are grouped into the following categories:

Please note that on the 21st March 2018 the Licensing Committee made the determination below in relation to business, animal property and taxi licence types listed above:

The Licensing Authority hereby determines that any application, objection or representation to applications, notification of changes and other notices submitted to or by the Licensing Authority in accordance with schedule 1 or schedule 2 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 and in respect of miscellaneous licences arising by separate enactment responsibility for which rests with this Committee can be submitted by electronic means where it:

(a)     Is submitted in a format which can be accessed by the Licensing Authority;

(b)     Is legible in all material respects;

(c)     Is capable of being read and reproduced in a written form which can be used for subsequent reference; and

(d)      Is submitted to

Where the applicant/licence holder agrees the licensing authority may also issue the following notices by electronic communication:-

  1. Decisions on applications for the granting and renewal of a licence;
  2. Decisions on requests for consent to alterations or changes to a licence;
  3. Decisions on applications for variation of the terms of a licence; and
  4. Decisions on complaints made against licence holders, including decisions to order the immediate suspension of a licence or to recall the suspension of a licence.

After submitting your application please refer to the online facility to check and track your application. The application should appear there within a week. All licence applications are also specifically acknowledged.

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