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Moray Council created a new Communities (CLD) Service in April 2021 bringing together Adult and Family Learning, Youth Work, and community development through the Community Support Unit

Community learning and development covers a range of work including youth work, adult leaning and community development.   “CLD should empower people, individually and collectively, to make positive changes in their lives and their communities through learning” (Scottish Government).

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Communities CLD Update

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CLD Update for Jan - March 2024

Communities CLD Service Updates Archive

Our Partnership CLD Plan 2021-2024

Mid Plan Review (April 2023)

The CLD Strategic Partnership have been reviewing the Partnership CLD Plan. We took part in a self-evaluation session using the How Good Is Our Community Learning and Development 4 framework and have reported back on our Key Performance Indicators and Work Plan as well as capturing some snapshots and case studies.

There is a really good story to be told about the impact of this Partnership approach in delivering on our CLD Plan which we have captured in our Plan on a Page Update.

The requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013 place a legal requirement on local authorities to take this role forward and require the publication of a partnership plan every 3 years.

Our Partnership CLD Plan 2021-2024 (PDF)

Plan on a page (PDF)

Summary - English (PDF) Summary - Gaelic (PDF)

Our Partnership CLD Plan has been produced by our Strategic Partnership which brings together providers of community learning and community development in Moray.

As part of our statutory commitment to the National Gaelic Plan our CLD Plan priorities have been translated here.

The Plan has been endorsed by the Moray Community Planning Partnership and the Moray Council Education, Children’s and Leisure Services committee.

The Inequalities in Moray Report reflects the lived experience of individuals and the insights of agencies in relation to the impacts of Covid in worsening inequality in Moray. Inequalities in Moray report (PDF)

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