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Did you Know...?

1 in 5 adults in Scotland have difficulty with tasks involving literacy skills
1 in 5 adults find using the Yellow Pages difficult
1 in 4 adults cannot calculate their change when shopping

Many people have some difficulty with the everyday use of numbers, writing or spelling. The Adult & Family Learning Team is here to support adults to develop their existing skills in reading, writing, numeracy, problem solving and communication.

Free Support

Free support is provided in small groups or one to one tuition. We meet learners at locations throughout Moray.

Improving your confidence with words and numbers can help make many activities easier. Improving numeracy can help with shopping, budgeting and handling household bills. Improving your reading can help with dealing with official paperwork and if you improved your writing skills, filling in forms could become less of a chore. Perhaps you'd love to help your child with his homework. Perhaps you want to go to college or to go for a promotion at work but feel your skills aren't good enough.

Is this you? Then get in touch.

After you've made initial contact with the service, each new learner is asked to meet with one of our Adult Learning Coordinators. At this meeting we discuss a flexible learning plan to best suit their needs and look at solutions to any problems that may make participation difficult e.g. childcare, transport costs, shift work etc. The coordinator will then match the learner with a tutor. Learners are either matched with a volunteer tutor or else the coordinator will be their tutor. Meetings always take place in community centres, libraries or other council buildings.

How We Can Support You

We provide a variety of opportunities for you to develop your skills. Many learners meet one to one with a tutor, while some join small groups of learners who all have similar goals. You might have a specific goal in mind, such as your driving theory test. You might be preparing for further education or already be working towards a qualification or entrance exam to public services, e.g. the police. Other learners have goals such as improving their maths skills in order to manage their money better. You may want to be able to support your children with their homework. Come to us with your goal in mind and we'll work out how to help you get where you want to be.

Learners' Stories

Take at look at our Learners' Stories. They hope it will encourage you to contact us and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

How to Contact Us

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact your local worker.

Contact Us

Adult and Family Learning Officer
Elgin Library
Cooper Park
IV30 1HS

07966120 572

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