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Moray Council is committed to encouraging the use of Outdoor Learning in as many learning situations as possible.  Moray is filled with diverse natural and built environments that provide countless opportunities to facilitate learning through being immersed in the outdoors.

The scope of Outdoor Learning is as broad as reading a book whilst sitting under a tree in the school grounds or travelling abroad for an adventurous activity.  Any activity that places an individual or group closer to the natural environment has the potential to draw on the benefits of Outdoor Learning.

Many studies have shown that there are distinct benefits of learning being conducted outside of the classroom environment.  These include:

  • Boosting academic performance and attainment
  • Improving personal and social development
  • Improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Creating a connection with the natural environment
  • Improving general behaviour
  • Providing practical and pragmatic experience

To improve support for Outdoor Learning to Schools and other Establishments, Moray Council employs two Outdoor Learning Officers to support and help develop Outdoor Learning in Moray.  In particular, they have been nominated as Technical Experts for adventurous activities and will be giving support and advice for visit requests on EVOLVE.  They also have a commitment to advise on non-adventurous excursions and visits, which includes meeting groups during excursions to identify and spread best practice.

The Moray Outdoor Learning web pages contain links and contacts to inform and support outdoor learning at your school.

For more information or advice contact Andy Greenhalgh or Chris Gransden

OL and Curricular Links

The following links provide guidance for all teachers and educators  and provide guidance and inspiration for taking all elements of the Curriculum for Excellence outdoors to enrich learning experiences in all four contexts - curriculum areas, IDL, personal achievement and the ethos of the school.

Going Out There - The Scottish Government Framework for Off-Site Visits

Outdoor Learning: Practical guidance, ideas and support for teachers and practitioners 

Building your Curriculum - Outside and In (PDF)

Building your Curriculum - Outside and In - Reflection Tool (PDF)

Curriculum for Excellence Fact file (PDF)

Outdoor Learning Directory

Education Scotland - Outdoor Learning pages from Education Scotland, providing support and guidance for outdoor learning.

Moray Council Policy and Guidance

Moray Council has adopted the "Going Out There" Framework as its main Excursions Policy. The framework provides an easy to read guide for planning excursions. The following links contain more detailed guidance on Moray Council structure and documents that will help when planning and laeding off-site excursions.

Moray Council Guidance for Off-site Excursions (PDF)

Management of Excursions - Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)

Adventurous Activities - Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)

DofE Operations Manual (PDF)

More information on planning excursions is available on the Excursions webpage, at the link below.

Information on resources, forms and risk assessments to support Outdoor Learning and Excursions are available at the Resources link below.

Moray Council Contacts

Willem Smit (QIO) - willem.smit@moray.gov.uk

Chris Gransden (Outdoor Learning Officer) - chris.gransden@moray.gov.uk
Telephone 07890 275514

Andrew Greenhalgh (Outdoor Learning Officer) - andrew.greenhalgh@moray.gov.uk
Telephone 07800 670654

Support and Resources

Moray Outdoor Learning Group

Moray Outdoor Learning Group (MOLG) is a forum for discussing and sharing best practice in Outdoor Learning.  The group included representatives from each ASG.  If you are interested in taking part in this forum please contact Chris Gransden or Andy Greenhalgh.

Moray OWL

Outdoor and Woodland Learning (OWL) Scotland is a national organisation promoting Learning in the Outdoors.  OWL Scotland has a wealth of on-line resources and information.  Moray OWL Group has a range of practical resources and local volunteers that can help you deliver Outdoor Learning.

For more contact details and information on the Moray Outdoor Learning Group, Moray OWL Group and other support available please visit our Support and Resources page at the link below.

Excursions       Support and Resources

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