Governance, Strategy and Performance

Service Plan 2023-24

The main functions of the Governance, Strategy and Performance service to the public include: Customer Services (Contact Centre and Reception), Revenues, Non-Domestic Rates, Benefits, Money Advice, Licensing, Registrars Service, Elections, Freedom Of Information and Data Protection.

Governance, Strategy and Performance also provide the following support services within the Council: Legal (including Monitoring Officer), Licensing, Committee services, Elected Members support, Mail Room & Copy Shop, SharePoint, Customer Services Support, Strategy and Performance, Audit and Risk, Records Management.

Performance Reports and Quarterly Monitoring Tables

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Service Plan
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Performance Reports            
Service Plan Actions Progress
Service Plan Performance Indicators
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Strategies, Plans and Annual Reports

Improvement and Modernisation Programme

Corporate Risk Register

Equality Outcomes 2021-2025

Audit and Inspections

Best Value Assurance Report 2022


The Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) brings together a wide range of information about how all Scottish councils perform in delivering services to local communities.You can explore and compare the data for Local Authorities and Scotland here. Performance indicators relating to Governance, Strategy and Performance are found within Corporate Services.

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