July 2019 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-07-2019 National Assistance Act Funerals Environmental Services
  Deaths With No Next Of Kin Environmental Services
  Section 1 Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Section 87 Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Section 80 Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Housing Act Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Planning Act Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Section 24 Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Town And Country Planning Act Notices And Orders Environmental Services
  Home School Link Workers Education & Social Care
03-07-2019 BAME Senior Staff at Schools Education & Social Care
  Cabinet Member Responses & Guidance Multiple
  Stab Vests Corporate Services
  Plastic Recycling and Export Environmental Services
04-07-2019 Mosstodloch DLO Managers Environmental Services
  Moray Leisure Maintenance Education & Social Care
  Social Care Stats, Over 65 Education & Social Care
05-07-2019 Plastic Recycling Environmental Services
  Football Pitches Education & Social Care
  Specialist Car Seats Education & Social Care
  School Timetables Education & Social Care
  Library Privacy Policies Education & Social Care
08-07-2019 Homeless Outcomes Environmental Services
  Debt Advice Services Corporate Services
09-07-2019 Mandatory Relief Applied to Non-Domestic Properties Corporate Services
  Permitted Development Rights Environmental Services
  School IT Systems Education & Social Care
  Burial Plots Environmental Services
10-07-2019 Prompt Payment Corporate Services
  Council Tax Discount for Lump Sum Payment Corporate Services
  Employee Travel Corporate Services
  Dog Fouling Environmental Services
  Compulsory Redundancy Corporate Services
  Sustainability in Digital Preservation Multiple Services
11-07-2019 Procurement of Consultancy Services Corporate Services
  Free Sanitary Products Education & Social Care
  Sport Facilities in the School Estate Education & Social Care
  Sporting Facility Concession Rates Education & Social Care
  Deposit Return Scheme Multiple Services
12-07-2019 Expenditure or Payment to Supplier Corporate Services
  Number of Bomb Shelters in Moray Environmental Services
  Cyber Attacks Corporate Services
  Income and Expenditure Corporate Services
  CCTV Maintenance Environmental Services
  Homecare Education & Social Care
  Housing Environmental Services
  Climate Emergency Chief Executive's Office
15-07-2019 Homeless People Environmental Services
  Frank's Law Education & Social Care
  Branding Chief Executive's Office
  Free Childcare Education & Social Care
  Review of Notifications of Removal from School Roll Education & Social Care
16-07-2019 Herbicide Environmental Services
  Assessments in Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect Education & Social Care
  Public Health Funerals 2018/19 Environmental Services
  Road Projects Environmental Services
  Chief Executive's Expenses Chief Executive's Office
  Roads Maintenance Environmental Services
17-07-2019 Public Health Funerals May-July 2019 Environmental Services
  Deaths with No Next of Kin May to July 2019 Education & Social Care
  Car Charging in Forres Environmental Services
  Homeless Reconnections Environmental Services
  Telecare/Telehealth Education & Social Care
  Fly Tipping Environmental Services
  Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) and Transport Data Environmental Services
  Food Allergy/Intolerance Environmental Services
18-07-2019 Social Workers Multiple Services
  Overrunning Road Works  
19-07-2019 Discretionary Deferral Funding and Early Entry to School Data Education & Social Care
  LGBT+ Spending Multiple Services
  Cash, Cards and Direct Debit Multiple Services
  Elective Home Education Education & Social Care
22-07-2019 Auchernack House Corporate Services
  Accessible Housing Environmental Services
  Extra Graduates for Early Years Education & Social Care
  Works Tender Websites Corporate Services
23-07-2019 Business Car Parks Multiple Services
  Primate Licensing 2019 Corporate Services
24-07-2019 Large Business Supplement Corporate Services
  Mosquito Devices Environmental Services
  Seagull Incidents Environmental Services
  Professional Bodies Multiple Services
  Herring Gull Shooting Environmental Services
25-07-2019 Funded Early Learning and Childcare Education & Social Care
  Alternative Dispute Resolution Corporate Services
  East Beach Footbridge in Lossiemouth Environmental Services
26-07-2019 Payments to Children's Homes Education & Social Care
  Care Charges Education & Social Care
  Data Breaches and Hacking Attempts Multiple Services
  Community Payback Orders Education & Social Care
29-07-2019 Self-Directed Support, Option 1 Education & Social Care
  Spend on Wipes Education & Social Care
  Frank's Law 2 Education & Social Care
  Artworks Multiple Services
30-07-2019 Finance Corporate Services
  Older People's Care Service Education & Social Care
  Planning Environmental Services
  Planning Permission Environmental Services
  Recycling Environmental Services
  Tigers Corporate Services
  Waste Environmental Services
  Unauthorised Short-term/Holiday Lets Environmental Services
  Performance, Improvement and Information Assurance Activities Multiple Services
31-07-2019 Press Officers Chief Executive's Office
  Environmental Health Team Environmental Services
  Privately-Run Children's Homes Education & Social Care
  Illegal Traveller Camp Multiple Services
  School Inspections Education & Social Care
  Play Based Pedagogy in P1 Education & Social Care

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