Business & Street Traders licence fees

Copy of a Licence £15.75
Food Premises Approval n/a
Food Premises Registration n/a
Itinerant Metal Dealer Licence: £451.50
Exemption warrant: £451.50
Knife Dealer £477.75
Late Hours Catering Licence: £629
Renewal: £629
Market Operator Licence: £295
Temporary licence: £295
Metal Dealer Licence: £451.50
Exemption warrant: £451.50
Public Charitable Collection n/a
Second Hand Dealer £96.60
Sex Shop £1,157
Skin Piercing and Tattooing £254
Street Trader £260
Variation of any Licence £23.10
Venison Dealer £91
Weighbridge Operator Set by Trading Standards (PDF)
Window Cleaner £103

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