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Forres (Burn of Mosset)

Construction on the Forres (Burn of Mosset) Flood Alleviation Scheme started in November 2007 and was officially opened by Richard Lochhead MSP on 28 August 2009.

Only one week after this, there was a heavy rainfall event and the scheme was put to the test, with a second flood event in August 2014 also testing the £21 million project. To date, damages of around £20 million have been avoided, with 900 residential and 50 business properties protected.

Consisting of a large flood storage reservoir at Chapelton Dam across the Burn of Mosset, and two smaller dams the reservoir makes use of a large natural basin upstream of Forres, that drains through a narrow valley at Chapelton. The purpose of Chapelton Dam is to restrict the peak flow of water passing through Forres during flood events. The scheme has a designed standard of 1 in 100 years plus climate change. There are also minor flood defences within Forres itself.

The scheme received two Commendations in The Saltire Society Awards.

Forres (River Findhorn & Pilmuir)

The Forres (River Findhorn & Pilmuir) Flood Alleviation Scheme was completed in 2015. Flood plain capacity was increased by lowering ground levels on three bends in the river and by reopening the Back Run. Flood water is diverted away from built-up areas by new flood embankments.

New channels were built to drain the Pilmuir area. These operate under gravity for most of the time, draining into the River Findhorn, close to the A96 and the Greshop Industrial Estate. The A96 was rebuilt on its original alignment, but the new drainage channels flow under the road to get from the Pilmuir area to the river. Therefore the A96 was raised up so that traffic passes over the top of the drainage channels.

When river levels are high, flap valves close to stop river water flowing back up the new drainage channels and flooding the Pilmuir area. A new pumping station has been built that will pump water from Pilmuir into the River Findhorn when the flap valves are closed.

This £45 million flood alleviation scheme is designed to standard of 1 in 200 year plus climate change.

On 11 August 2014 the partially-completed scheme prevented around 650 residential and 65 businesses from flooding. It is estimated the scheme avoided damages of £27 million.

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