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The Provision of Sandbags                                                                                    

Sandbags should only be seen as a last resort in protecting properties from flooding and we would advise that there are far better ways of protecting properties.

The Council may, where resources and priorities allow, react to anticipated or reported incidents and provide assistance including sandbagging operations where such action can reduce the flood inundation. However, transportation and the correct positioning of sandbags on a timely basis (before flooding has occurred) often prove difficult, particularly in the event of widespread flooding disruption.

The Council may distribute pallets of sandbags to strategic points to allow the public to help themselves during flooding events. Locations will be advised by, for example, the issue of press releases, updates on the Council’s website or via the Council’s Contact Centre.

Individuals who, due to for example age or disability, need assistance with accessing sandbags for self-help at strategic points should get in touch with the Council to request assistance. The Council will not generally provide sandbags in advance to communities at risk of flood inundation as a precautionary measure unless the forecast conditions and/or SEPA indicate a high level of risk.

The Council strongly recommends engaging with your local Community Council to consider more resilience planning in areas where no current arrangements are in place, and will fully support and engage to provide assistance were possible.

It is important to be aware that:

• It is the prime responsibility of the property owner to protect their premises
• If flooding is a regular threat at a particular location, please consider purchasing sandbags from a builders’ merchant or trade supplier
• Residents should consider purchasing property flood protection products either through the Council or other external suppliers
• Sandbags are for emergency use only and they are offered to deal with real emergencies rather than perceived ones
• Sandbags are for the protection of houses and business premises rather than sheds, garages or outbuildings
• The Council will use its best endeavours to distribute sandbags to strategic points during forecast flood events
• There is a limit of 20 sandbags per address
• There is no charge for sandbags provided for emergency purposes
• Hessian sandbags should be stored indoors, and polypropylene sandbags should be stored out of sunlight, to maximise their life
• Only in circumstances where there is a lack of storage space or where they are causing a 'litter' nuisance, will sandbags be removed by the council
• Once sandbags have come in to contact with flood water, they should not be re-used as they are considered to be contaminated.
• Once sandbags have become contaminated, it is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for their disposal.


For those living within areas identified at risk of flooding follow the advice of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency: ( to protect their homes.
Advice on how to prepare for a flood: The Scottish Flood Forum (
Property flood protection products available from the Council: for further details click on this link Flood Protection Products .


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