Rothes Flood Alleviation Scheme

Burn at Rothes

Rothes has a long history of flooding. On numerous occasions, properties have been flooded from a combination of the Back Burn, the Burn of Rothes and the Black Burn.

The £25 million Rothes Flood Alleviation scheme was carried out to alleviate flooding from these burns.  The works were completed in May 2011 and £2.4 million under budget. 

A flood event on August 2014 tested the scheme. It is estimated that the Scheme prevented flooding to around 200 residential and 18 commercial properties, avoiding damages of around £6.5 million.

The works comprised of 

  • Channel widening
  • Replacement of existing bridges
  • Reinforced concrete flood walls and mini-piled foundations
  • Earthworks embankments
  • Bank protection works to prevent future scour.

The works were programmed to suit various environmental constraints, including salmon spawning.

The scheme provides a standard of flood protection of at least 1 in 100 years plus an allowance for climate change.

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