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Rechargeable Repairs Policy - Section 5

5.    Circumstances for Recharging

5.1  Generally, the Council is responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure and property and any fixtures and fittings originally provided. Tenants are informed of their repair responsibilities when they sign the Tenancy Agreement and these responsibilities are also outlined in the Tenants' Handbook.  All tenants should, except in certain circumstances, be recharged for repairs that are their responsibility as defined by the Moray Council Response Repairs Policy.

5.2   Tenants will be recharged for the Council repairing any damage caused wilfully, accidentally or negligently by tenants, anyone living with a tenant or an invited visitor to the tenant's home.  Examples of rechargeable repairs may include:

  • Wilful damage - e.g. replace smashed door, lock changes for persistent abusers.
  • Neglect - e.g. clear blocked sink, drain or bath.
  • Misuse - e.g. replace toilet.
  • Abuse - e.g. replace smashed glass.

5.3   Tenants will be responsible for work that may be required when moving out of their home in order to bring it up to an acceptable standard for a new tenant as defined by the Moray Councils Void Management Policy.

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