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The Moray Council's Care at Home Service (Home Care) provides practical support and personal care to people with an assessed need to support them in their choice to live as independently as they can at home or in a homely setting in their community.

Help at home is available for a wide range of activities including:

  • personal care (washing, dressing)
  • Supporting with and administering  medication
  • Medication ordering and collection
  • Incontinence Laundry
  • Heating Meals
  • Safer people handling and the use of equipment
  • Promoting independence

The Moray Council Care at Home Service employs 300 plus Social Care Assistants. They provide 3,401 hours of support each week to 382 adults right across Moray.

If you are eligible to receive the Care at Home Service you will be informed whether your visits will be from the council's own Care at Home Teams or from our Partner Allied Health Care.

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Getting Care with Care at Home

The service can be accessed through by contacting the council's Access Care Team using the contact details on the left.

Moray Council operates an eligibility criteria for all community care services.  

The council has a duty to carry out an assessment  of an individual where it appears that person may be in need of community care services that the Moray Council  provides or arranges.  They are however not required to meet all identified need because the demand for services outweighs the money available and therefore criteria are adopted to ensure the most significant needs are met in a fair and systematic way. 

The Eligibility Criteria are graded into four bands - 

  • critical
  • substantial
  • moderate
  • low

These describe the seriousness of the risk to independence or other consequences if the need is not addressed.  The council will fund needs within the critical and substantial band but are only required to provide information and advice for moderate and low risk. 

In order to identify which band your needs fall within, you will be engaged in a community care assessment along with your carers if appropriate.  The level of priority will only be identified once your needs have been assessed.

These criteria will apply to all services provided or purchase through community care including, Care at Home, Occupational Therapy, Day care and Respite care.

You can ask us for an assessment by contacting the Access Care Team. Our staff will let you know whether or not you may qualify for a service. We may need to see you to make a decision about this. How long it takes for us to meet with you will depend on how urgent your situation is.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for Care at Home your assessment will be passed to a Care at Home Enabler for completion. Once your care needs have been assessed you can have your care provided by Moray Council or our partner Allied Health Care. You may however choose to arrange your own care through private companies and will be supported to do this.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for a care at home service you can choose to fund yourself and arrange your own care through private companies.

Read more about our Eligibility Criteria


Requests for services are dealt with in accordance with the degree of urgency required. Applicants will be notified if they are to be added to a waiting list for assessment.

How Much Will it Cost?

Personal care is free to adults who meet the eligibility criteria and have undergone an assessment of need. You will find details of providers through the Yellow Pages or by searching for home care providers on line.


The Care at Home Service is available to you from 06:45Hrs until 22:30 Hrs. However, our Social Care Assistants are only available from 07:00 till 13:30 (Early Shift) and 16:00 till 22:30. (Late Shift )

Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support (SDS) is about you having choice, control and flexibility over the support you receive. Through your assessment with your social worker/community care officer you will be able to discuss what this means to you.

This could include using the funding for your care at home to employ the Support Assistants you choose or the company you want the council to arrange to deliver your Care at Home Service.

See the section on Self Directed Support for more details.


The Care Inspectorate regulates care services in Scotland. The Moray Council Care at Home Service is registered with the Care Inspectorate and subject to inspections. Reports and grading are available on the website www.careinspectorate.com.

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