Self Directed Support - is it Right for You?

What Is Self Directed Support?

Self Directed Support can help you achieve changes in your life. It is an opportunity for you to have more choice and take greater control over your social care support, enabling you to enjoy greater independence.

Community care works to ensure all its services offer personalised approaches, where the person's own strengths, choices and wishes are at the centre of identifying their needs and deciding how best these needs can be supported.

Self Directed Support takes this a step further where you have as much control as you wish over how the money for your support is spent

How Does It Work?

Self Directed Support puts you in control by giving you a lot more say about the type of support you get. You can choose to spend your budget on the support you most need and prefer in order to live the life you want. It is a way of providing social
care services which enables you to:

• Have more choice and flexibility
• Have money to buy your own services
• Choose services to suit and improve your lifestyle
• Manage your own support

Your community care officer or social worker will tell you how much money you have in your individual budget. You can then plan and decide the best way to use it. You don’t have to just spend the money on services. You might choose to spend some of it on buying the kind of services you already receive and the rest on new and different things that would make a real difference to your life.

You can choose how you would like your Self Directed Support to be delivered:

• The local authority can make a direct payment for you to arrange your own support;
• You can choose your support and the local authority makes arrangements for the support on your behalf;
• The local authority selects and arranges the appropriate support on your behalf; or
• A combination of the options for each type of support

How Can I Get Self Directed Support?

In order to receive Self Directed Support, you will need to be entitled to receive community care services.

 If you have never had a community care assessment , please call our Moray Council Community Care Access Team for more information on 01343 563999.

Following your community care assessment, if you are entitled to receive services, you may wish to consider Self Directed Support to manage and design your own support. Please talk to your community care officer or social worker.

You will also be required to undertake a financial assessment in line with appropriate Moray Council Charging Policy to establish whether you will be required to make a financial contribution towards the cost of meeting your eligible assessed needs.

For more detailed information, follow the links below.

Moray SDS Case Studies

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Service users, carers, service providers and social care staff from Moray have been involved in the innovative Pilotlight project.

Run by IRRIS (the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services), Pilotlight is part of the Changing Support, Changing Lives programme that aims to support providers to make the transformation to self-directed support in Scotland.

Visit the Pilotlight website to learn more about the project through videos and blogs featuring the Moray group.

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