Household Waste - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Report a Missing Bin

To report a missing bin please call 01343 557045 or our online form here

Can I Report a Missed Bin Collection?

Return visits to collect missed refuse and recycling bins will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

I'm moving into a New Build property - where do I get bins from?

If you are moving into a newly built property you will need to purchase the bins. You can download the request form here.

If I have paid for a bin at a new build property and move to another new build can I take my bin with me or do I have to buy a new bin? 

You can take the bin with you, however you will need to have proof that the bin was paid for by you after 1st April 2007 when charging for bins for new built properties came into place. Therefore you will need to keep your receipt or proof of payment for the bin. When a new resident moves in they can request a replacement bin free of charge.

What day will my bin be collected on?

Use our Online Tool to find your Bin Collection Day.

How can I participate in kerbside collections if I live in a block of flats? 

Depending on the size of the block you will have boxes provided and be asked to present these on a specific weekday for collection or, you will be supplied with recycling bags and have the use of large communal recycling banks in the grounds or car park.

Recycling containers for multiple domestic properties are as follows:

How is the council's recycling programme paid for? 

Grant funding was given to the Local Authority to initiate Kerbside Collections from householders

My bin wasn't emptied or wasn't emptied properly. How do I report this? 

Unfortunately, we cannot return to service a missed bin.

Uncollected waste or recyclable items can be deposited free of charge at any of the staffed Recycling Centres at Forres, Elgin, Buckie, Keith and Nether Dallachy, while any uncollected recycling can be deposited at local recycling points throughout Moray

If we have been unable to access your street due to unforeseen circumstances like flood, snow or roadworks, we will return to service the bins at the next available opportunity. Please leave your bins out for collection or present them the next morning for 7.30am

What happens if I put the wrong items in my recycling bins/box? 

One contaminated bin can spoil an entire vehicle load so it is important that the correct items are put in the appropriate bin. If the collections crew notice a wrong item in the bin, they will not take it.

What happens to the recycling that you collect? 

These are sent to an appropriate end user who will recycle the materials.

What is kerbside collection? 

Kerbside collection of recyclable material is a method of collection where you sort your domestic waste according to the type of material.  These can then be put in specially-provided bins/bags/boxes, which are collected on a regular basis by  us to be taken away and recycled.  It means that you do not have to carry everything to your nearest recycling centre, which may be difficult for you.

What should I do if I have additional rubbish which will not fit into my wheelie bin? 

If you have additional rubbish which will not fit into your wheelie bin then you can either arrange for a bulky/special uplift or you can take it to one of our staffed  Recycling Centres.

Where should I place my bins for collection? 

Please place your bins on the pavement at the front of your house, or if access proves a problem, at the nearest vehicle access point.

Where should I place my recycling for kerbside collection? 

Please place your recycling on the pavement at the front of your house, or if access proves a problem, at the nearest vehicle access point.

Can I put extra bags out for collection beside my bin? 

No. This is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice. It not only creates a potential litter problem it can pose a health and safety risk to members of the public and crews who have no knowledge of what materials are in the bags-e.g. broken glass, used syringes etc

Can I put whatever I want out for my normal rubbish collection? 

You may put general household waste into your normal rubbish, but NOT items such as masonry or bricks, car batteries or corrosive chemicals, and so on.  Please try and recycle as much as you can instead of placing it into the regular rubbish collection.

Does the Council supply sacks for rubbish collections? 

No, unless the property in which you live is classed as an "assessed" property. This means that  the design of your house it is not possible for you to fit a bin in the garden, yard or anywhere with suitable storage and access.

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