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Our kerbside recycling service is available to all households in Moray. Your green bin for household waste is collected fortnightly, alternating with your brown bin (food and garden waste). Your recycling containers will be collected fortnightly either along with your green household waste bin or along with your brown food and garden waste bin.

Please place the appropriate containers on the kerbside by 7.30am on the scheduled collection day. It is very important that they are presented on time as route order is subject to change at any time due to road works, crew changes etc. 


From June 2018, collection of your green bin will change to every three weeks. Collection of your recyclable waste, including your brown bin will not change - this will still be every fortnight.

We're already among the top local authorities in Scotland for recycling, but we’ve ambitious recycling targets to hit and we must send less waste to landfill. Recent household waste audits have shown that around 50% of the average bin contents could have been recycled, but instead ended up in landfill. 

In 2016/17, we spent £1.8 million on landfill tax. If we recycle more, it’s better for the environment - and we’ll save your money!

We’re encouraging all residents to recycle smarter. To find out what can be recycled in which bin, visit our ‘What Goes Where’ page. Remember, if you have excess waste which can't be recycled and won’t fit in your green bin, it’s your responsibility to take this to your nearest manned recycling centre.

Your new bin collection calendar will be available from 1 May.

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