Housing Functional Assessment

If you apply for housing because you think that your home is not suitable due to a clinical health condition and/or disability, we will carry out a housing functional assessment.

This is not an assessment of the severity of a person's clinical condition or disability. The assessment considers if more suitable accommodation would:

  • help stabilise a clinical condition or disability; or
  • help a person to function more independently

The assessment focuses on a person's ability, or inability to carry out essential day to day tasks within their home. To find out more information on the functional assessment you can read our leaflet Housing Functional Assessment - a Guide (PDF).

Criteria for functional assessment points

There are five categories of functional assessment points. Read our functional assessment criteria (PDF) to learn about the five categories.

To apply for a functional assessment, you must have a current housing application. You also need to fill in a housing functional assessment form (PDF). You can download the form and fill it in and email it back to us at housing.needs@moray.gov.uk. Or you can pick up a form from Elgin Reception or your local info hub, or you can email housing.needs@moray.gov.uk and ask us for a copy.

Once we get your form a Housing Occupational Therapist will review the information that you have given in your form. The Housing Occupational Therapist will carry out a holistic assessment which will include:

  • Physical and mental health wellbeing:
  • Function; and
  • The needs for people with learning disabilities.

We will write and tell you the outcome of the assessment within 28 days.

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