Housing Medical Assessment

A medical assessment may be used to assess your health and decide if we can award you more points, to improve your position on the housing list. If you think that you or a member of your household’s health or disability is being made worse by your current housing, then you can apply for a medical assessment (pdf). If you are not already in council housing, you will need to apply for council housing first.

Having an illness or a disability will not automatically award you more points; our specialist Housing Needs Officer will assess the severity of the condition, and the extent that rehousing will benefit you or your family.

Categories of Medical Points

Category A: if your illness will become life-threatening if you were to stay in your current accommodation, or where (due to illness or disability) it is no longer reasonable for you to stay in your current accommodation. 500 points.

Category B: if your illness is likely to seriously deteriorate if you stay in your current accommodation, or if you are physically disabled and are not able to make full use of the facilities in your current accommodation. 350 points.

Category C: where a change of property would significantly improve your mobility difficulties or improve your illness or disability. 150 points.

Category D: where a change of property would moderately improve your health. 50 points.

Category E: no points will be awarded where the accommodation does not affect your illness or disability. 0 points.

Special circumstances may be considered, for example if you use specialised equipment and have limited storage, or if you have a full-time carer. Any questions about special circumstances should be emailed to housing@moray.gov.uk.

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