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What happens if my circumstances change?

Once you have notified the Council of your change in circumstances, we will tell you in writing if there is a change to the amount of your direct debit instalment. You will receive written notification of the new amount at least ten days prior to it being deducted from your bank account. 

What sort of bank account do I need to use Direct Debit?

Most current accounts at Banks and Building Societies can be used to make direct debit payments. Some deposit accounts now allow them too - just ask your Bank or Building Society branch and they will tell you if you can make direct debit payments from your account.

Can any organisation collect money by Direct Debit?

No. Banks and Building Societies only permit organisations with known integrity and sound financial and administrative capabilities to collect money from their customers' accounts by direct debit.

Where can I obtain a Direct Debit Instruction?

If you would like to pay your Council Tax bill by direct debit you can download a Direct Debit Instruction (PDF).

Or, if you would like to pay your Non-Domestic Rates bill by direct debit you can download a Direct Debit Instruction (PDF)

Please complete the instruction and return it to the freepost address shown on it so we can set up your direct debit. Please do NOT send it to your bank.

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?.

If you would like more information on payment of Council Tax by direct debit, please contact us, or if you require information on payment of Non-Domestic Rates by direct debit, please email the Non-Domestic Rates Team.

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