The following are categories of disregards available. Qualification may, depending on the make up of the household, lead to an award of discount.

Non-British Spouse of a student - a person who has come to the UK with their student-spouse or (from 5 December 2005) their civil partner. This disregard is only effective from 1 April 1995. Download the Non-British Spouse of a Student form (PDF).

Child benefit - a person over the age of 18 still in receipt of child benefit. Download the Household discount form (PDF).

Members of a religious community - a person who is a full-time member of a religious community. Download the Household discount form (PDF).

Members of overseas armed forces - foreign service personnel serving on detachment with UK Armed Forces.

Prisoner - a person imprisoned for an offence, other than the non-payment of a fine. Download the Household discount form (PDF).

Student nurses - a person undertaking a specific course in nursing. Download the Household discount form (PDF).

School leaver

If an adult (i.e. a person aged 18 years or over) resident in your property and is under 20 years old has left school during the current year and is going on to tertiary education, we may be able to give you a discount on your Council Tax bill for the period 1st May to 31st October of the current year.

To qualify, the school leaver must:
• be under 20 years of age.
• have left school on or after 1st May of the current year, after undertaking a qualifying course of education.

Note: A qualifying course of education is one up to GCE A level, or the higher grade of the Scottish Certificate of Education, or equivalent.

Download the School Leaver Application Form (PDF).

Care Leavers

This disregard may be available to any person between 18 and 26 years of age who has left Local Authority care and resides with others.

Please contact us if you meet the criteria and have not already received this disregard.

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