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Rechargeable Repairs Policy - Section 7

7.    Response Repairs

7.1   When a tenant reports a repair a member of the housing service will assess the repair and identify:

  • The urgency of the repair - the type of repair will determine the timescale by which the repair must be completed;
  • Responsibility of the repair - depending on the circumstances of the repair, either the Council or the tenant will be deemed responsible; and
  • Where information is incomplete or where a technical decision has to be made the repair request will be passed to a housing officer to determine whether an inspection is required.

7.2   In the case of emergency repairs that are rechargeable, due to the limited timescale involved, the Council will complete the repair and the tenant will be recharged.

7.3   Once it has been established that the repair is the responsibility of the tenant, it is considered good practice to advise the tenant of the cost of the repair as soon as possible. Charges for rechargeable repairs are based on current repair costs, including materials and labour from the agreed Moray Council Schedule of Rates. However, in the case of emergency repairs, an additional fixed call out charge will be made. A list of charges will be provided for tenants indicating values and types of rechargeable repairs. This list will be reviewed annually. If the repair does not fall into the, "emergency repair" category, the tenant will have the opportunity of completing the repair themselves within 28 working days. It should be explained to the tenant that on completion, the repair must meet the Moray Council Housing Standard.

7.4   When a rechargeable repair is inspected and it has not been completed or, if it does not meet the Moray Council Housing Standard, the Council will complete the repair and the tenant will be recharged.

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