Housing Service - Estate Management Policy - Section 3

3.    Objectives and Principles of the Policy

3.1  The overall aim of the Moray Council’s Estate Management Policy is to provide a service to tenants and owners, which enables them to have quiet enjoyment of their homes in a safe and secure environment that they can take pride in.

3.2  The specific objectives of the Estate Management Policy are:

  • To develop a pro-active approach to the management of our properties, estates and neighbourhoods;
  • To manage the environment around our properties and common areas effectively;
  • To ensure that all residents are aware of their respective responsibilities;
  • To set appropriate estate management standards to measure performance delivery and residents' satisfaction.

3.3 The principles underpinning the Estate Management Policy are:

  • The Council will ensure that the Estate Management Policy complies with and reflects the legal framework and good practice;
  • The Council will work in an inclusive way to enable the implementation of this policy. This will include involving tenants' groups, owner/occupiers, private tenants, commercial owners/tenants, other Council services such as Environmental Health Department, Roads and Education, the police and other statutory and voluntary agencies; and
  • The Council will implement detailed procedures and agreed practices uniformly across the service and will ensure staff are given the necessary training to deliver estate management services.

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