A Definition of Employability

Employability is about being capable of getting and keeping fulfilling work.  In simple terms employability can be defined as the sets of skills, understandings and personal attributes necessary to gain, sustain and progress further in employment.

Moray Employability Strategy

The overall aim of the Community Planning Partnership is to provide leadership and direction to ensure the Partnership is proactive around issues of employability and employment in the context of economic growth and diversification in Moray.  Towards that end the Community Planning Partnership endorsed the Moray Employability Strategy in August 2013.

The Employability Action Group

The Employability Action Group has been established to respond to national strategies on Employment, Employability and Training.  The Employability Action Group is a multi-agency partnership, accountable, via Moray Economic Partnership to the Moray Community Planning Board through Employability and Employment Skills which promotes:

  1. Positive destinations,
  2. Opportunities for all
  3. Community Learning and Development

For further information please see the Moray 2023 a Plan for the Future (PDF)

The Employability Action Group Current Membership

  • Head of Lifelong Learning, Culture and Sport (CHAIR)
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Moray Council (representation from relevant services)
  • Moray College
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Representative from Third Sector
  • National Health Service
  • Moray Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Gateway
  • Federation of Small Businesses

The Purpose of the EAG

To support a Moray wide partnership approach to employability that enables the effective co-ordination and delivery of employment and training programmes, benefiting those seeking employment, employers and the local community.

The Moray Strategic Skills Pipeline

The Employability Action Group supports the five stages set out in the Moray Strategic Skills Pipeline (for further information on this please select 'Skills Pipeline' from the navigation menu in the top left corner).

Services Available

The Employability Action Group does not provide services but supports private, statutory and voluntary agencies to provide the full range of services, both structured and open access, as outlined in the Moray Strategic Skills pipeline.

The Moray Economic Partnership

The Moray Economic Partnership is working closely with the Employability Action Group and has established a Skills and Training group to look at employability from a local economic perspective.  This Skills and Training group will lead and coordinate the enabling actions, plans and projects which will provide the skills, training and educational needs that support delivery of the Moray Economic Strategy.

Unemployment in Moray Monthly Bulletins

View the Unemployment in Moray monthly bulletins.

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