Private Landlord Registration Enforcement Policy

Areas of enforcement

The majority of landlords and agents will be registered with little or no disruption to their business.   Scottish Government guidance emphasises that local authorities should adopt a light touch approach when taking enforcement action.  Enforcement action will be used to challenge the practices of the worst landlords, including the following types of breach:

  • Failure to register;
  • Provision of false information;
  • Registered landlord found to be no longer a fit and proper person;
  • De-registered person continues to let properties;
  • Failure by a registered landlord to notify a change in circumstances; and
  • Communication by a non-registered owner to a person in relation to providing leasehold accommodation.

Examples of breaches and the type of enforcement action available to the Council are available is detailed in Appendix II PDF logo.

Where enforcement action is taken, it will be proportionate to the breach of the private sector landlord registration scheme. 

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