Private Landlord Registration Enforcement Policy

Failure to provide good management practices

Where it is identified that a landlord or agent has failed to comply with any legal obligation in relation to the letting and/or management of properties, initial contact will be made with the landlord or agent in order to inform them of the identified concerns.  Appropriate advice and information should be given to the landlord and if deemed necessary an action plan agreed in order to address the areas of concern.

The Council will advise the landlord that their management practices will be monitored and that failure to adhere to their legal obligations will result in their suitability as a “fit and proper person” being reviewed.

An action plan for improvement will be agreed with the landlord and monitored by staff within the Housing and Property Service. Housing and Property staff will liaise with appropriate Council services and the Police where evidence of antisocial behaviour, poor property conditions and management practices have been identified.

Where a landlord fails to comply with any recommendations or action plan, the Council will decide on the appropriate course of action to be taken and the possibility of reviewing the fit and proper status of the landlord/agent concerned.

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