Caring for Someone

A carer is someone who provides support to family and/or friends who could not manage without this help.

Anyone can become a carer and carers come from all walks of life and can be any age. Many feel that they are doing what anyone would do in the same situation; looking after a mother, wife, son or best friend for example.

As a carer it is important you have information and advice to ensure you are supported.

Who is a Carer?

You are a carer if you look after a friend, relative or neighbour who has a long-term disability, mental health difficulty, or is frail due to old age, and you are not paid for the care you provide.

You may be helping them with:

  • personal care, such as washing, dressing or taking medication;
  • practical care, such as support with shopping, cooking and cleaning; or
  • emotional support if they are lonely, worried or get upset.

You do not have to live in the same house as the person you care for to be their carer.

There is a range of services available for anyone who is a carer.

What is Respite?

Respite is a break for an agreed period of time from your caring role.

The respite break should be a positive experience for both you and the person you care for.

Where Can I Get Support?

A Carer’s Assessment

Did you know that if you have a regular and substantial caring role, you may be entitled  to a formals Carer's Assessment. Some positive outcomes of an assessment may include:

  • A carer being able to cope better with their caring role
  • Being better informed
  • Feeling valued, supported and listened to

You can also discuss any help that would maintain your own health and support you to balance caring with other aspects of your life, like work and family.

Financial Support for Carers

  • Carer's Allowance - find out more from Directgov External website logo


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