Day Services for Older People

What are Day Services?

Day Services are available to people aged 65 and over who are finding it difficult to manage in their own homes because of frailty, ill health or would like to extend their social life. Attending a day service can help you to be more independent and enable you to stay in your own home and within the community you know, by having the opportunity to get out of the house and meet other people.

Day Centres in Moray

What happens in a Day Service?

We have various day services, each offering something different depending on your needs and wishes. Some of the activities on offer include: 

  • A chance to meet and chat with others
  • Gentle exercise
  • Digital photography
  • Wine making
  • Baking, quizzes, entertainment
  • Cinema afternoons
  • Gardening
  • Visits from local speakers
  • Outings and special events


We may also be able to provide support to you in your own home or with shopping, etc, as part of your care package.

Participation and Consultation

You can take part in as many or as few activities as you like, we will ensure that you are fully consulted as to your wishes. We have day services specifically for you or the person that you care for and our staff are trained to be sensitive to the needs of older people, providing support in a caring, helpful way.


We may be able to arrange transport from your home to the service if you would not otherwise be able to attend. The transport that we use is a Moray Council mini bus.

What will the Day Service Cost?

There is no charge for this service. You will only pay for your meals and snacks at a reduced rate.

How do I get a Day Service?

There is eligibility criteria for this service. 

Moray council operate an eligibility criteria for all community care services in line with Scottish Government policy, in order to ensure equity throughout Scotland.  A brief summary is outlined below.

The council has a duty to carry out an assessment  of an individual where it appears that person may be in need of community care services that the Moray Council  provide or arrange.  They are however not required to meet all identified need because the demand for services outweighs the money available and therefore criteria are adopted to ensure the most significant needs are met in a fair and systematic way.

The eligibility Criteria are graded into four bands - 

  • critical
  • substantial
  • moderate
  • low

These describe the seriousness of the risk to independence or other consequences if the need is not addressed.  The council will fund needs within the critical and substantial band but are only required to provide information and advice for moderate and low risk.

In order to identify which band your needs fall within, you will be engaged in a community care assessment along with your carers if appropriate.  The level of priority will only be identified once your needs have been assessed.

These criteria will apply to all services provided or purchase through community care including home care, Occupational Therapy, meals on wheels, day care and respite care.

More information on the  eligibility criteria is available here

How can I find out more?

For more information or to be referred for a day service, get in touch with Moray Council Community Care through the single point of contact. Call 01343 563999 Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 5pm. Enquires can be made by emailing

How can I comment on the Service?

Comments on the service may be made to the Older Peoples Day Services Manager
Telephone 01542 885195
or in writing to Older Peoples Day Services Manager
Keith Resource Centre
Mid Street
AB55 3AH

Aims and Objectives

The objective of the older peoples day services is to provide day care and support to older adults who may require care and or support due to frailness or disability, or who may be at risk of becoming socially isolated or have reduced access to nourishing food, during the day.

  • In a caring and thoughtful way by staff who are sensitive to the needs and requirements of older adults.
  • In a manner, which is sensitive to the individual’s needs and requirements and their cultural wishes.
  • In line with relevant legislation such as the Scottish Social Service Codes of Practice and current Care Commission Standards. Copies of the Scottish Social Service Codes of Practice and the Care Commission Standards for Support Service can be found in the day service or at or Please ask a member of the staff team if you require support to access these.
  • We aim to provide a service where individuals feel safe and physically comfortable.
  • We aim to ensure that service users experience a sense of control over their lives and what happens at the day service.
  • We aim to ensure that service users feel valued as a person.
  • We aim to ensure that service users experience optimal stimulation throughout the day, appropriate to their needs.
  • We aim to ensure that service users are consulted with and participate as well as they can in the service that we provide.
  • We aim to provide a resource for social care and health

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