School Meals

What are the benefits of having a school meal?

Go bananas for school dinners logo   School meals offer a selection of up to three main course items and a choice of puddings, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

  • Children can sit down together and enjoy their meal, whilst at the same time developing those social skills of eating together that are important later in life.
  • A well fed and happy child is more likely to be receptive to participating in the afternoon's activities.
  • The school meal aims to provide essential nutritional requirements that will assist your child in leading a 'bright and healthy' lifestyle.
  • Have the benefits of someone else preparing and cooking lunch for your child.

There continues to be an increase in the uptake of school meals at primary schools.  Secondary school income has also increased, great to see more secondary children staying for lunch.

We would like to thank you for all your support throughout 2015/16 school year and we look forward to your continuous support in 2016/17.

Cost of a School Meal

Primary School P1-P3 Free School Meal
  P4-P7 £2.20
Secondary School   £2.30

Top Up NEC Cards Online 

Great news for Parents - Do you know where your child/children are spending their dinner money?  It is now possible to put your child/children’s lunch money straight onto our cashless catering system at ALL Secondary Schools.  This can give you peace of mind that your child/children are eating healthy snacks and lunch.

Go to our online shop for further information.

If you think your child is entitled to free school meals please click the link below

Promotion Days

Throughout the year pupils enjoy themed meals, for example St Andrews Day or trying food from around the globe. Click the buttons below to view pictures from theme days this year.

Promotion Day 1 Promotion Day 2 Promotion Day 3

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