Young People's Library Services

Come in to browse, to borrow, to read, and to study – the space is for you to enjoy. Ask for help researching in our Local Heritage Centre and use the PCs – it’s all FREE.

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Books & Spoken Word CDs
Be it dystopia, romance, fantasy or sci-fi we’ve got some great reads for you in our dedicated teenage sections. And don’t miss our graphic novels. There’s nothing to stop you borrowing books from the children’s sections either. Some days only an old favourite will do! Or you can explore the adult collections, both fiction and non-fiction. Whatever you'd like to borrow, there's an app for that - click here for ours.

We also have a collection that deals with issues and questions facing young people – just ask for the Reading Well collection. You and your friends might find them useful.

PC Access
All young people are entitled to access our PCs with the consent of their guardians. Up to the age of 14 access is limited as it is in schools. Unrestricted access is available to 14 and 15 year olds, if approved by their guardians. Please ask for a form at your local library.

Homework Help
Do you need help with study and homework? Our online reference resources are at your fingertips, they're packed full or information.

Ebooks and Audiobooks
Fancy reading an ebook on your tablet, or listening to an audiobook on the bus home? Click here to find out how! 

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