Moray Local Development Plan 2020

Formally adopted on 27 July 2020, the Moray Local Development Plan (MLDP) 2020 sets how the Council sees the MLDP area developing over the next 10 years and beyond and covers the administrative area of Moray Council, minus the southern part which falls within the Cairngorm National Park which prepares its own LDP.

The Plan provides guidance to residents, developers and investors as to how much and where growth is proposed for land uses, such as housing and employment, and sets out a wide range of policies which are used to determine planning applications. It consists of 5 Volumes:-

Vol 1 - Policies Additional Guidance on Vol 1 Policies available here

Vol 2 - Settlement Statements

Vol 3 - Rural Groupings

Vol 4 - Delivery Programme/Action Plan

Vol 5 - Supplementary Guidance - Flood Risk and Drainage Impact Assessment for New Developments (Adopted on 05 August 2020)

Interactive mapping can be viewed here.

Information on the background and development stages leading to the final plan are available to review.

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