MLDP 2020: Background and Development

The Moray Local Development Plan (MLDP) 2020 was formally adopted on 27 July 2020.

There were four key stages in the preparation of the MLDP.

Stage 1 - Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report was consulted upon in January to March 2018.  The Main Issues Report set out what the Council considers to be the main issues facing Moray in the next 10-15 years and identified preferred locations for new houses, businesses and other land uses.

Stage 2 - Proposed Plan

Having regard to the representations received on the Main Issues Report, the Proposed Plan 2019 was published for consultation for a 10 week period from 7 January to 15 March 2019.  The Proposed Plan was the ‘settled’ view of the Council and was intended that this was what the final content of the adopted Plan would be.  The Proposed Plan contained the vision, strategy, policies and site designations that the Council proposed to take forward in its new MLDP.

Stage 3 – Examination

Unresolved objections to the Proposed Plan were forwarded to the Scottish Government on 28 June 2019 with a request for a formal Examination by a Reporter(s) appointed by Scottish Ministers.  Scottish Ministers appointed Lorna McCallum MSc, BSc(Hons), MRTPI and Claire Milne BSc(Hons) DipTP MBA MRTPI.

Further information and documents relating to the Examination can be viewed on the DPEA website

Stage 4 - Post Examination Modifications and Adoption   

The Council published the modifications arising arising from the Reporter’s Examination Report on 15 June 2020 and sent details of the modifications made along with the proposed MLDP (as modified) to the Scottish Ministers.  The Council received clearance from Scottish Ministers to adopt the MLDP 2020 and this was formally adopted on 27 July 2020.

Development Plan Scheme 2020

The scheme sets our proposed timetable for the review and preparation of the development plan and explains how we will engage with community, business and other interested parties. It will set out the key milestones for the preparation of the Moray Local Development Plan 2020.

The adopted MLDP 2020 can be viewed here.

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