Current Planning Consultations

Here is a list of all planning consultations in progress. More information can be found on each consultation page. This can include guidance notes, maps, landscape studies, environmental reports and contact details. 

Consultation: Elgin City Centre Draft Masterplan

Dates: 22 March - 30 July 2021


Consultation: Moray Council (Corlic, Beach Road, Kingston) Tree Preservation Order (No 1) 2021

Dates: 04 June - 12 July 2021


Moray Council, as Planning Authority, acting under Section 160 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and other powers enabling it to do so hereby gives notice that on 3rd June 2021 it made a Tree Preservation Order known as Moray Council (Corlic, Beach Road, Kingston) Tree Preservation Order (No 1) 2021.

The grounds for making the Order are that it is expedient in the interest of amenity to preserve the sycamore trees at Beach Road, Kingston that are subject to the Order. The Order covers two trees which are more particularly described and shown on the map annexed to the Order. The Order shall continue in force unless The Moray Council fails to confirm the Order by 3rd December 2021.

A copy of the Order and map can be viewed here:-

Order     Map

Representations in relation to the Order may be made in writing to Strategic Planning and Development, Council Offices, High Street, Elgin, Moray, IV30 1BX or by email to no later than 12 July 2021. Representations must state the grounds on which they are made and the particular trees to which they relate.

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