Section 5 - Community Councils of Moray Unacceptable Actions Policy

Section 5 - Unacceptable Behaviour Policy (PDF 273 KB)


This policy sets out the Community Councils of Moray’s approach to managing the relatively few members of the public whose actions or behaviours are considered to be unacceptable.  The term ‘member of the public’ includes anyone acting on behalf of another person or who contacts a Community Council in connection with any issue.  The principles set out in this policy apply to the Community Council’s dealings with members of the public in all circumstances.

Members of the Community Council are unpaid volunteers, and carry out their duties in their spare time, while also having work, family or other commitments.  Community Council members will use reasonable endeavours to fulfil their responsibilities as set out in this Policy, subject to those other time commitments

Policy Aims

To deal fairly, honestly, consistently and appropriately with all members of the public, including those whose actions the Community Council considers unacceptable.  The Community Council believes that all members of the public have the right to be heard, understood and respected.  The Community Council also considers that our members whether elected, co-opted, or associate have the same rights.

To provide a service that is accessible to all members of the public.  However, where the Community Council considers a member of the public’s actions to be unacceptable, the Community Council retains the right to restrict or change access to Community Council business (where it is appropriate to do so).

To ensure that other members of the public and Community Council volunteers are not disadvantaged by the acts of an individual members of the public who behave in an unacceptable manner.

 To ensure that the Community Council’s effectiveness is not compromised by individuals who act in a manner that makes excessive and unacceptable demands on Community Council time and resources.

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