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Planning permission – Non-material Variation Requests

The fees for variation request are £53 for householder developments, £105 for local developments, £263 for major developments.  All requests must be made using our Non-material variation request form to detail minor changes after a planning decision has been made. Submit the form along with the amended plans through the planning portal.    The fees for these requests cannot be made through the planning portal so please see ways to pay detailed on the request form.

Non-material variations to previously approved schemes

If the changes you proposes do not significantly change the development proposal that was originally granted planning permission, you may be able to submit a “Non-material variation” rather than submitting an amended planning application.  The following criteria will be applied when assessing the non-material variation request:

• The change complies with development  plan policy

• The change does not affect any part of a development which has been specifically referred to in objections

• The change does not require neighbour notification in its own right

• The change does not require any additional planning conditions

Retrospective requests will be considered in the same way as a proposed request. You cannot use this process to apply to vary or remove conditions attached to an existing planning permission as the only way to do this is by making an application for Planning permission under Section 42 using the Portal.

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