Buckie Developer Obligations received from the Tesco development

What are Developer Obligations?

Developer obligations are financial contributions sought from a developer to mitigate the impact of their development on the community. When a development takes place there is need for infrastructure and facilities to accompany it. This can include a wide range of infrastructure and facilities (schools, roads, public transport, healthcare) depending on the scale, location and type of development.


How much developer obligations have been secured from the Tesco development, and what can they be spent on?

Moray Council secured financial contributions of £406,861 from the Tesco development to mitigate the impact of their new Tesco store on Buckie to be spent on the following:

  • Community Woodland £20,000
  • Gateway Feature £25,000
  • Offsite Works/Bus Subsidy Contribution £186,861
  • Town Centre Contribution £175,000

These contributions can only be spent on the items specified above. The contributions relate to a legal agreement, agreed and signed by Tesco (Developer), Robertson Property Limited (landowner) and Moray Council, which sets out the criteria on how the money can be spent and the deadline the money must be spent by (June 2020). In the event of not being able to spend the total amount of contributions, any unspent contribution will have to be repaid to the developer and landowner. Breaching the agreement, for example, spending contributions on projects that do not meet the criteria, could result in legal actions being taken against the Council and having to repay the total amount received.


How much of the developer obligations have been spent to date?

Offsite Works/Bus Subsidy Contribution

  • Bus service- £125,000
  • High Street/Cathcart Street traffic signals- £61,862

Town Centre Contribution £175,000

  • £116,229 on various town centre projects including Christmas Lights, Christmas Kracker, Fishwife’s` Path, Lifesize There Not There Tommy (War Memorial Sculpture)


How much of the developer obligations are still available, what can they be spent on and how can I submit my ideas?

We are now looking for your input to ensure that the remaining contributions spent on projects that the public supports and benefit the residents of Buckie; and at the same time meet the criteria set out in the legal agreement.

Community Woodland £20,000

We are looking for:

  • areas within Buckie, which could benefit from tree planting to create a woodland area to be enjoyed by the residents
  • woodland areas that could be improved (e.g. with picnic areas, play areas for children)


How do I submit my ideas and what is the deadline?

Please email your ideas to developerobligations@moray.gov.uk by 5pm on Friday, 29th March 2019.


What happens next?

Ideas will be investigated by Officers at the Council and further discussed with the Buckie Elected Members to determine the most suitable location.

Town Centre Contribution- £43,771 (plus £15,000 ring-fenced to the Buckie Regeneration Group- Details below)

All projects are welcome to apply for funding up to £43,771 and this opportunity is open to projects within Buckie; not limited to the Town Centre. Please click on this link to view the project area.

We are looking for projects within Buckie that would:

  • benefit the community
  • encourage visitors to Buckie
  • support the local economy with new or additional services/facilities

Some examples of eligible projects:

  • events that inspire people to visit Buckie
  • unique activity day/product to showcase the heritage of Buckie (Harbour Days, artwork, etc)
  • purchase of goods to run a workshop/class
  • purchase of goods (e.g. projector, sound system, dishwasher) that would allow new functions to an existing building


What will NOT be supported?

Maintenance, ongoing running costs, wages, rent, etc will not be supported!


How do I submit my ideas and what is the deadline?

To put your ideas forward, please complete this form and send it to developerobligations@moray.gov.uk or post it to Developer Obligations, Moray Council, PO BOX 6760, Elgin, IV30 1BX by 5pm on Friday, 29th March 2019.


What happens next?

April 2019- All submissions will be reviewed by Council Officers and the Buckie Elected Members

End of April 2019- Groups will be advised whether their project has been successful in securing funding

May 2019-May 2020- Projects to be completed. Payment of funding is on receipt of invoices.

Bucks4Buckie initiative- £15,000

The Buckie Regeneration Group is running a Participatory Budgeting event where the local community decide which forthcoming projects are needed in the area. Applications are welcomed by 5pm on Wednesday, 10 April 2019. For the criteria and further information, please visit the Buckie Regeneration Group website: www.buckie.co.  

Gateway Feature £25,000

A competition will be launched early 2019 open to UK based artists to create a gateway feature which would mark the entrance to Buckie by capturing the heritage of the town.

The location shown on the map below has been identified and agreed with the landowner and Tesco as the location of the Gateway Feature.

The deadline of the competition is 5pm on Friday, 29th March 2019 and the shortlisted, worked-up drawings/maquettes will be available for comments as part of a public display later on this year.

For further information on Buckie Developer Obligations, please get in touch with us at developerobligations@moray.gov.uk or 01343 563265/ 01343 563287.

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