Quality Assurance Performance and Planning

The Quality Assurance Performance and Planning Team (QAPP Team) were established in May 2017 and comprises of colleagues from across the Moray Community Planning Partnership. 

The multi-agency team is led by Tracey Gervaise (NHS Grampian) and supported by representatives from each of the CPP agencies.


Tracey Gervaise
Interim Manager QAPPT and Interim Child Health Commissioner NHS Grampian.

Tracey has been the Health and Wellbeing Lead (formerly known as the Public Health Lead) in Moray for the past nine years and the CPP Early Years Collaborative Programme Manager for the past four years. In April 2017, Tracey was seconded to lead on the establishment and management of the QAPPT and in October 2017 to the Child Health Commissioner NHS Grampian role. Tracey has worked in the NHS for over thirty years, is general and paediatric nurse trained and has worked in a number of Health Boards in Scotland and England.     

Contacts: 01343 567133
Email: tracey.gervaise@nhs.net or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Stewart McLauchlan.  Stewart was appointed in April 2017 as a Quality Improvement Officer (Education – Responsibility of All) and seconded following appointment to establish and Chair the multi-agency GIRFEC Strategic Group and represent Education on the Quality Assurance Performance and Planning Team (QAPPT).   He is the interim lead for Education on the GIRFEC agenda within Education.  Prior to appointment as a Quality Improvement Officer, Stewart has held posts in Education most recently as Depute Head Teacher (Keith Grammar School), Principal Teacher (Faculty)/Acting Depute Head Teacher at The Gordon Schools Huntly, Principal Teacher of Business Education/Computing at Arran High School and as a class teacher in Aberdeenshire, where Stewart started his career in Moray 17 years ago at Lossiemouth High School.  Stewart’s substantive QIO role involves responsibility for Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing, support to schools and lead link authority officer for the Lossiemouth Associated Schools Group and Forres Academy.

Contacts: 01343 563389
Email: stewart.mclauchlan@moray.gcsx.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Pauline Merchant is a Clinical Governance Coordinator and Health Visitor, with a general nursing background, within NHS Grampian. With over 20 years’ experience working in the NHS in both clinical and quality assurance roles, developing improvement skills through the Early Years Collaborative and NHS methodologies.  Her role has included supporting multi agency working for several years.

Contacts:  01343 567115
Email: pauline.merchant@nhs.net or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Nicola Milne has worked as a Performance & Evaluation Support Officer in Children & Families Social Work since 2006.  Initially, working in the field of outcomes evaluation and analysis with the Realtime Evaluation project, she later became involved in the Early Years Collaborative (EYC) in the data management field.   Her role includes involvement with management of electronic case recording, data reporting to local management and annually, to national government.   Nicola has attended the EYC Data training courses and completed the Moray CPP EYC Improvement Development programme and uses this background to help support local improvement projects.

Contacts: 01343 563661
Email: nicola.milne@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Jenifer O'Hagan.  With a background in Children and Families Social Work and a qualified practice teacher Jenny moved to Moray Council HQ a few years ago to take up a role as Continuous Improvement Officer.  Since taking up this post Jenny has developed her skills in Improvement Science and is now a recognised mentor and coach in the Quality Improvement Methodology adopted by the Early Years Collaborative and now the Children and Young People's Collaborative.  Jenny is also an Associate Assessor with the Care Inspectorate.

Contacts: 01343 563289
Email: jenny.ohagan@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Kerry Rigg is a Detective Sergeant within Police Scotland with over 20 years police experience.  She has worked as a front line Officer and within various CID departments including Public Protection.  Kerry was the Police liaison for the Care Inspectorate during the Joint Inspection of Children's Services in September 2016.

Contacts: 01224 307077
Email: kerry.rigg@scotland.pnn.police.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Susan Stronach has been the GIRFEC partnership Officer for a number of years and has a wealth of experience in Community Learning and Development.  Susan has developed her skills and knowledge around the Improvement Methodology adopted by the Early Years Collaborative and the Children and Young People's Collaborative.  She is now qualified to mentor and coach in this area.

Contacts: 01343 563405
Email: susan.stronach@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


The QAPP Teams has various key functions including supporting the effective delivery of the Children's Services Plan and assisting in the development of robust joint self evaluation and quality assurance processes across the Community Planning Partnership.

Our aim is to evidence the good practice that exists across the Partnership and identify areas for improvement.  We will work with staff to provide them with the tools, knowledge and means to allow for continuous improvement.



  • provide guidance and support to assist you to develop and integrate self evaluation into your day to day business leading to continuous improvement
  • collate your self evaluation activity evidence and maintain central repository
  • advise on improvement/SMART action plans to ensure linkage to the Children's Services Plan
  • facilitate workshops around relevant Improvement Methodology programmes and how to effectively measure impact and outcomes to upskill staff

Any requests for assistance or queries can be emailed to QAPPCYP@Moray.gov.uk.

We look forward to continuing to work with you.

QAPP Team.

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