Quality Assurance Performance and Planning

The Quality Assurance Performance and Planning Team (QAPP Team) was established in April 2017 and comprises of colleagues from across the Moray Community Planning Partnership. 

The key function of the QAPP Team is to support the development and implementation of robust joint self evaluation and quality assurances processes across the Community Planning Partnership, in accordance with Quality Assurance Framework (see useful documents below).

These processes allow good practice to be evidenced and shared and areas for improvement to be identified early, so remedial action can be taken.  The QAPP Team support staff from across the partnership to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to continuously improve outcomes for children, young people and families in Moray.

The team is led by Susan Leonard, Quality Assurance and Locality Manager and comprises of four QAPP Officers employed by Moray Council, NHS Grampian and Police Scotland.

The QAPP Officers are aligned to each of the strategic groups within Children's Services in Moray.  They also provide quality assurance support to the two locality management groups.


Susan Leonard
Quality Assurance and Locality (QAL) Manager.

Susan Leonard was appointed as the Permanent Quality Assurance and Locality Manager in April 2018.  In this role, she both manages athe QAPP Team and leads on implementation of locality planning with Children's Services.

Over the past 25 years, Susan has held management posts in the private, public and 3rd sectors with a strong focus on partnership working and continuous improvement.

Tel: 01343 563428
Email: susan.leonard@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Stuart Lamberton is the QAPP Officer - Child Protection

Stuart has a wealth of experience in the Child Protection field, having held key roles within the Police Scotland's Protection Unit and the Children's Services Partnership Hub over the past 10 years.

Tel:  01343 563424
Email:  stuart.lamberton@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Pauline Merchant is the QAPP Officer - Early Years.

Pauline has over 20 years experience working in HHS Grampian, in both clinical and quality assurance roles.  She is an experiences Health visitor, with a general nursing background and a trained QI Methodology mentor and coach.

Tel:  01343 567115
Email: pauline.merchant@nhs.net or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Kerry Rigg is the QAPP Officer - Corporate Parenting

Kerry is a Detective Sergeant within Police Scotland with over 20 years police experience.  She has worked as a front line Officer and within various CID departments including Public Protection.  

Tel: 01343 563193
Email: kerry.rigg@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Susan Stronach is the QAPP Officer - GIRFEC

Susan has a wealth of experience in Community Learning and Development.  She has been the GIRFEC partnership Officer in Moray for a number of years and is a qualified QI Methodology coach and mentor.

Tel: 01343 563405
Email: susan.stronach@moray.gov.uk or qappcyp@moray.gov.uk


Nicola Hood has recently been appointed to provide administrative support to the QAPP Team.


What we can do for you

  • Provide guidance and support to assist you to build self evaluation into your day to day business.  By doing so, together we can continuously improve outcomes for children, young people and families in Moray.
  • Collate self evaluation activity in a central point so we can share learning and evidence of good practice, allowing us to focus our collective resources on activities which make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and families.
  • Provide learning opportunities to help build the knowledge, skills and confidence of stakeholders to improve outcomes for children, young people and families in Moray.

Information for Staff

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